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Welcome to all Beekeepers in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

As most of you are well aware, there are many challenges facing honey bees and beekeepers and we are asking for your help and support in facing them.

We would like to invite all beekeepers in the commonwealth to join us in our efforts to promote beekeeping and honey bees in general. In Pennsylvania, as of now, there are over 5,300 beekeepers registered with the PA Department of Agriculture. We do not know how many beekeepers are not registered. However, of all the beekeepers in PA, approximately 950 are members of the Pennsylvania State Beekeepers Association (PSBA). All beekeepers in Pennsylvania benefit from the diligence and efforts of the PSBA and we can certainly use your help.

You may ask why should I join the state association, when I may (or may not) already belong to a local association. Fair question. Allow me to list a few reasons.

A few of the benefits of becoming a member of the Pennsylvania State Beekeepers' Association (PSBA):

  • PSBA promotes responsible legislation on beekeeping in Pennsylvania. By maintaining contact with local and state level lawmakers and agencies, we try to ensure beekeeping interests, honey bees and related topics are dealt with in a fair and reasonable manner. As with anything political, numbers make a difference. The more voters we have in our association, the more clout we have when dealing with issues, like the PA Bee Law and legislation in progress or upcoming. As individuals it is hard to get anyone to pay attention, as a large group they take notice.
  • PSBA sends representatives of the association to the Pennsylvania Township Supervisors Association conference each year to help educate township supervisors about the value of honey bees and beekeeping on the local level. This has been very well received and cuts off a lot of problems at the source, preventing potential problems from becoming issues.
  • PSBA provides support to beekeepers and their local organizations facing excessively restrictive local ordinances and legal challenges to beekeeping. We are not lawyers, but can provide expert advice, opinions, and guidance on beekeeping issues. A copy of a model ordinance is available on the PSBA website.
  • PSBA members visit our state legislators on an annual basis to discuss current and pending
  • PSBA officers and other beekeepers meet at least twice a year with the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, and Penn State bee researchers as members of the Apiary Advisory Board to voice concerns of Pennsylvania beekeepers. The group provides ground level input on factors influencing the health of beekeeping in PA, working on solutions to problems and issues facing honey bees and beekeepers.
  • PSBA meets twice each year. Once at a summer picnic, and once at a late fall conference which includes a banquet. At both meetings, business is conducted, educational, informative seminars are held, friendships renewed, and ideas are shared. All members are invited and encouraged to attend. The fall meeting is held at a central location in PA to allow easy access from all parts of the state. It includes various speakers on current and cutting-edge topics in beekeeping, as well as providing a great opportunity to see various beekeeping suppliers in person. PSBA encourages participating PA local beekeeping associations to send a representative to these meetings to voice their association's opinions at the business meeting.
  • PSBA maintains a number of committees, including an Education Committee, created to inspire new beekeepers, both young and old, while striving to provide and distribute accurate information to more accomplished beekeepers, as well as beginning beekeepers.
  • PSBA promotes honey bees, honey, and beekeeping through the PA State Honey Queen program. The Honey Queen travels throughout the state promoting beekeeping, honey bees, and honey to schools, organizations, and various social events. She is available, upon request, to help your group promote honey bees, honey, and beekeeping.
  • PSBA produces a newsletter 10 times per year in an effort to keep beekeepers informed and provides a link between the miles. Beekeepers may choose to receive the newsletter via email or regular mail.
  • PSBA maintains a website full of useful information for beekeepers and the public. Participating local beekeeping associations and organizations are welcome to submit events schedules and contact information to the webmaster. (
  • PSBA operates three booths at the Pennsylvania Farm Show to promote honey bees, hive products, beekeeping, and to support our annual Honey Queen Program. The Farm Show reaches thousands of people in the state who otherwise would never hear the message about honey bees. The Learning Center and demonstrations draw a lot of attention from the public and positive media coverage. Beekeepers are on hand to answer questions about honey and honey bees, as the public views the judged honey and hive products, as well as the wonderful observation hive and fly-ways. The sales booth and honey ice cream booth generate funds to help the PA Honey Queen program continue educating the public about honey bees and beekeeping.
  • PSBA also operates a booth at Ag Progress Days. Held each year in August, Ag Progress Days is organized by Penn State University and helps us get in touch with farmers and the public, providing another opportunity to educate and show how vital our role in agriculture really is.
  • PSBA produces and provides free or low cost promotional materials for members including leaflets on bees and honey, recipe booklets, patches, decals, Honey Queen brochures, and more.
  • PSBA strives to support Penn State University and Delaware Valley College, assisting staff with projects and grant requests that further research and the promotion of beekeeping. Working with researchers at these and other universities, as well as respected honey bee organizations, furthers our goal to enhance the health and welfare of honey bees in these challenging times.
  • PSBA members are eligible for a reduced rate for subscriptions to American Bee Journal.
  • PSBA representatives are available, with prior scheduling, to speak at your local beekeeping organization meeting to help promote the state association.

These are just a few of the many useful benefits provided by PSBA, the Pennsylvania State Beekeepers' Association.
The cost of membership is reasonable.

New and Renewal Membership Cost
Pennsylvania State Beekeepers' Association

$20.00 Individual Dues
$25.00 Family Dues
$1.00 Junior Membership (Under 17) Annual Dues
$200.00 Lifetime Membership

For those of you who are current members,
Thank You!
Without your support and help, we could not operate.

For those who are not yet members, please consider joining with fellow beekeepers in promoting our industry and safeguarding the very important interest we have in common, honey bees!

For more information contact our secretary:

Regina Rhoa

1033 N Grange Ave

Collegeville, PA  19426

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