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Penn State Extension Beekeeping Resources (revised 16Feb2022)

Online Class:


Where to order the Beekeeping Basics Book (2007 version):

Download a pdf of Beekeeping Basics Book (2007 version):

A Field Guide to Honey Bees and their Maladies

Accompanying pocket guide 


Organic Honey Bee Colony Management Series (Jan 18-Feb 22, 2022 and recorded)

Bee Biodiversity

Bee Health Challenges

Health Challenges for Long-term Survival

Bee Nutritional Ecology: From Flowers to Landscapes

Queen Rearing Basics

Other videos:

Why are bees important?:



Installing a package of bees:

Varroa mite monitoring:

Varroa mite integrated pest management:

Fact Sheets (each link takes you to a page where you can download a pdf or place an order for a hard copy):

Alcohol wash for varroa mite monitoring: 

Getting started:


A Quick Reference Guide to Honey Bee Parasites, Pests, Predators and Diseases:

Beekeeping Integrated Pest Management:

Honey Bee Viruses:

An Organic Management System for Honey Bees

A Bear Fence Design:

Varroa mite monitoring:

Methods to Control Varroa Mites



Oxalic acid application:

American Foulbrood



Pollinator Declines:

Feral Bees:

Queen Bee Development:

Queen Cell Production:

Cell Builder Basics:

Baking with honey:

5-step decision support: Nesting bees and wasps near homes

Common social bees and wasps of PA

Also check out:

The Center for Pollinator Research:

MAAREC: Mid-Atlantic Apiculture and Extension Consortium

·       List of Basic Resource Books

·       beginning-beekeeping-everything-you-need-to-make-your-hive-thrive

·       093-Oertel--History of Beekeeping in the US

·       An-Apiary-Guide-to-Swarm-Control-2nd-edition

·       Anatomy_of_the_honey_bee_colored

·       Worker egg-to-emergence

·       Honey bee stinger action

Online Virtual Classes

·       Penn State Extension

·       Auburn University

·       University of Maryland Bee Squad

·       University Of Guelph

·       Ohio State Beekeepers Association

Training Videos

Working with Bees

·       Hive Location and Setup

·       Hive Equipment

·       Protective Clothing

·       Smoke Use

·       Stinging

·       Comb Building

·       Opening Hives

·       Colony Inspection

·       Introducing a Nucleus Colony

Working with Queens

·       Finding Queens

·       Requeening

·       Marking and Clipping Queens

·       Why Buy Queens

·       Caring for Caged Queens

Colony Management

·       Supering Hives

·       Swarm Control

·       Splitting Hives

·       Moving Hives

·       Feeding Bees and Overwintering

·       Dealing with Deadouts (Part 1)

·       Dealing with Deadouts (Part 2)

·       Managing Towards Gentle Behaviour

Abnormal Colony Conditions

·       Abnormal Conditions Part 1 – Failed Queens and Chalk Brood

·       Abnormal Conditions Part 2 – Wax Moth, Monitoring Mites, and Antibiotics

·       Abnormal Conditions Part 3 – Laying Workers and Sacbrood

·       Laying Worker

Pest Management

·       Fumigating for Nosema

·       Varroa Population Dynamics

·       Varroa Sticky Boards

·       Varroa Alcohol Wash

Double Nucleus Colonies

·       Making Double Nucleus Colonies Part 1

·       Making Double Nucleus Colonies Part 2

·       Fixing Problem Double Nucleus Colonies

·       Transferring Double Nucleus Colonies

Queen Rearing

·       Grafting

·       Cell Building – Part 1

·       Cell Building – Part 2

·       Making Mini Nucleus Colonies

·       4-Way Mating Nucleus Colonies

·       Handling Queen Cells

Honey Harvesting and Processing

·       Tipping Hives

·       Honey Harvesting

·       Honey Extracting

·       Honey Moisture

Activities and Information for Children

Kid's Craft Created by Charlie & Cathy Vorisek

Finger Puzzle (Bee)
Finger Puzzle (Honey)
Finger Puzzle (Pollination)
Finger Puzzles (all of above in zip archive)


Coloring Sheet Set (9 pages)
Coloring Sheet (Welcome to our Apiary)


Bee Houses
Bees and Plants
Busy Bee
Inside the Hive
What Bees See
Honey Bee Trivia

Links to offsite information: (activity sheets & posters)

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