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Each year a Honey Queen is selected to become the main promoter of Pennsylvania's beekeeping industry. The Honey Queen travels throughout the state speaking at schools, fairs, festivals, beekeeping meetings, etc. She participates in media interviews and is always ready to promote the beekeeping and honey industries. The main focus of the Honey Queen program is education; feel free to invite her to give a presentation at your event. The Honey Queen also represents Pennsylvania each year at the American Honey Queen competition, held during the American Beekeeping Federation Convention.

2017 PA Honey Queen and Princess

Kayla Fusselman - 2017 PA Honey Queen
Samantha Stouffer - 2017 Honey Princess

Kayla Fusselman was chosen to represent PSBA as the 2017 PA Honey Queen, and Samantha Stouffer selected as 2017 PA Honey Princess. Winning candidates were crowned at the annual conference banquet, on November 11th, 2016. Congratulations to both!

PA Honey Queen Report
  by Kayla Fusselman - 2017 PA Honey Queen

Well it truly is spring! The bees are buzzing and the weather is beautiful. Those April showers brought May flowers and the bees are surely thankful.

This month I traveled to Philadelphia for the Fox Chase Farmís Farm to Table Day on May 20. All throughout the farm, visitors were able to experience different parts of a farm. At my booth, visitors got to see beekeeping tools and roll their own beeswax candles. Attendees of all ages loved learning that bees make the wax and the great role bees have in our lives. My table was very popular not only with the children but also the adults.

For those that follow the Honey Queen Facebook page, you may have seen the bee related projects I taught. On May 13 I graduated from Kutztown University with a B.S. in Art Education. The last 3 months before graduation I was student teaching, which allowed me to write and teach my own art projects. Of course I had to teach bee related lessons!

During her time as a student teacher, Queen Kayla educated more than 500 students about honey bees, using art.

I taught almost 500 elementary students about honey bees, at my last placement, Northwestern Lehigh Elementary School. In the kindergarten, first grade, and second grades, the students learned about bee biology and the roles of each bee in a hive by drawing and painting a honey bee. There were mixed reactions when I informed the students that the drones donít have stingers, and everyone was in awe when they found out bees have 5 eyes.

For my third and fourth grade classes the students learned about pollination and the workings of a hive. The students learned how to make coils out of clay as they constructed a clay skep. Lastly, my fifth graders learned about the importance of honey bees and how they can help them. The students made clay bee baths and learned about how life would be without bees. These bee baths were included in the schoolís annual art show and the students walked away excited to place their bath outside for the bees to drink from.

I had so much fun educating my students on the importance of honey bees. I canít wait for my upcoming events. If you would like to invite me to your event, please contact Rachel Bryson at

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