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Each year a Honey Queen is selected to become the main promoter of Pennsylvania's beekeeping industry. The Honey Queen travels throughout the state speaking at schools, fairs, festivals, beekeeping meetings, etc. She participates in media interviews and is always ready to promote the beekeeping and honey industries. The main focus of the Honey Queen program is education; feel free to invite her to give a presentation at your event. The Honey Queen also represents Pennsylvania each year at the American Honey Queen competition, held during the American Beekeeping Federation Convention.

2014 PA Honey Queen

2014 PA Honey Queen Kaylee Kilgore

The Pennsylvania Honey Queen Program is proud to announce that Kaylee Kilgore was selected as the 2014 Pennsylvania Honey Queen during the Western PA Beekeeping Seminar in Pittsburgh. Kaylee, 19, originally from Maine, is the daughter of Cindy and Bruce Kilgore. She attended the Milton Hershey School and is now a first year student at Lehigh University. Kaylee has volunteered with the Girl Scouts and tutoring prison inmates.

Kaylee is looking forward to representing the PSBA this year as the 2014 PA Honey Queen. To invite her to your event, contact Rachel Bryson at

PA Honey Queen named American Honey Princess

Queen Susannah (left) and Princess Elena immediately after their coronation at the North American Beekeeping Conference and Tradeshow.

Elena Hoffman, 2013 Pennsylvania Honey Queen, was selected as the 2014 American Honey Princess during the North American Beekeeping Conference and Tradeshow in Baton Rouge, La., on Saturday, Jan. 11. Susannah Austin, 2013 Florida Honey Queen, was selected as the 2014 American Honey Queen.

Both Susannah and Elena will travel throughout North America this year representing and promoting the beekeeping and honey industries.

For more information on the American Honey Queen Program, visit

Congratulations to them both!

More on Elena from the ABF press release:

Elena Hoffman - 2014 American Honey Princess

The American Beekeeping Federation is proud to announce that Elena Hoffman was selected as the 2014 American Honey Princess at the North American Beekeeping Conference in Baton Rouge, LA in January. Elena is the 18-year-old daughter of Brian and Beverly Hoffman of Millmont, PA, and the granddaughter of Elaine and Bobby Hoffman of Laurelton, PA, and of Mary Robey of Jacksonville, FL. She is a freshman at West Chester University of Pennsylvania, where she is pursuing a degree in biology with hopes of pursing a medical degree. Outside school, Elena works with her father to maintain their apiary, participating in hive management and honey extraction.

Prior to being selected as the American Honey Princess, Elena served as the 2013 Pennsylvania Honey Queen. In this role, she promoted the honey industry at fairs, festivals, and farmers' markets, via media interviews, and in schools.

Elena will spend the next year promoting the beekeeping industry throughout the United States in a wide variety of venues. To schedule an appearance with American Honey Princess Elena Hoffman, please contact American Honey Queen Program Chairperson Anna Kettlewell at 414.545.5514.

Note from the Queen Chair

Hello everyone. The Pennsylvania Honey Queen Program is in the midst of another successful promotion year with our 2014 Honey Queen, Kaylee Kilgore, but the time has come to start spreading the buzz about the 2015 Queen and Princess positions.

The Queen Program provides an excellent opportunity for young women to gain professional experience with public speaking, presentation development, interviews and networking. Besides the tremendous resume and personal growth this program provides, the Honey Queen and Princess also afford an invaluable service to the beekeeping industry. Each year, these young women attend an average of 50 to 60 educational events, reaching more than 2 million people throughout Pennsylvania.

Your help is needed to keep our program strong. Please pass this information on to any young women you know who may be interested in the Queen Program. Thank you all for your continued support of the Honey Queen Program and we look forward to serving you and the beekeeping industry for many years to come.

2015 Honey Queen Competition Flyer
PA Honey Queen Contestant Information and Application Form

Rachel Bryson

PA Honey Queen Report
  by Kaylee Kilgore - 2014 PA Honey Queen

Hello beekeepers! I hope everyone is having a great summer, and that your bees are well. August has been a busy month for me! I have attended 5 events so far this month, with a few more to come.

My first event this month was August 6th at the Butler Farm Show in Butler, Pa. I worked with two local beekeepers at their stand where they were selling a variety honey products. I also had the opportunity to teach the public about bees while helping them find the queen in an observation hive, including explaining why we mark queens.

My next event of the month was the PSBA summer picnic on August 9, held at the Wade Fisher Bee Farm in McVeytown. The picnic was a great opportunity for me to meet and introduce myself for the first time to many PSBA members. During the picnic, I provided an update on my work for the PSBA. I had already attended 20 events!

Queen Kaylee works at the PSBA ice cream stand during Ag Progress Days.

Queen Kaylee met with Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett during Ag Progress Days.

August 12th through the 14th I attended Ag Progress Days near State College. Along with American Honey Princess Elena Hoffman, we answered many questions from the public about honey bees, and helped sell honey sweetened ice cream and root beer. At the Government and Industry luncheon, we had the chance to speak to Secretary of Agriculture, George Greig, and Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett.

On August 16th, I attended the National Honeybee Day event at the Wildlands Conservatory in Emmaus. It was a fantastic event, with an observation hive and extraction demonstrations for children, and information for adults about the importance of honeybees as pollinators, and how to maintain a pollinator friendly garden. I gave a cooking demonstration with honey banana smoothies, and described some of the benefits of cooking with honey.

Queen Kaylee educates some children about the observation hive at the Harford Fair.

Finally, I attended the Harford Fair in New Milford, where I worked with the Susquehanna Beekeepers Association at their “honey hut,” where they were selling honey products. I helped answer questions about the observation hive, and helped customers choose what kind of honey to buy. I also met the association’s youngest member, who is going into 6th grade this year. For such a young girl, she has a profound interest in honeybees, and her passion is inspiring.

As the summer comes to an end, don’t miss out on your chance to invite me to your fall events. To invite me, contact Rachel Bryson, queen program chair, at or 717-300-0146.

ABF Update
  by Rachael Bryson - Honey Queen Program Chair

The American Beekeeping Federation convention recently met in Baton Rouge, La. for four days of educational, informational sessions, bringing together the beekeeping community for a time of great fellowship and discussion.

As some of you may have heard, our 2013 PA Honey Queen Elena Hoffman was selected as the 2014 American Honey Princess. Elena will spend this year traveling throughout North America representing the beekeeping industry.

Both Vincent Aloyo, the PSBA first vice president, and I attended the Delegates meeting during the ABF convention. The main purpose of this meeting is for the ABF board to update the delegates on proposed organizational policy changes and for the election of board members. Davey Hackenberg was re-elected to the board as a representative from the delegates.

Plans are already underway for the 2015 ABF convention, which will be at the Disneyland Hotel in Anaheim, Ca. This meeting promises to be not only a great educational opportunity, but also an excellent family event. Why not consider attending? Make sure to check out the PSBA Facebook page throughout the year for updates on ABF activities or visit the ABF website at

Honey Queen Program Contact Information

Invite the PA Honey Queen to your event!

PA Honey Queen Contestant Information and Application Form

PA Honey Queen Program Facebook Page

Rachel Bryson
(PA Honey Queen Program Chair)
610 Strite Rd.
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Phone: 717-643-0010
Cell: 717-300-0146

Linda Hackenburg
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April - January 570-568-2337
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Cell: 570-850-1976

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