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Each year a Honey Queen is selected to become the main promoter of Pennsylvania's beekeeping industry. The Honey Queen travels throughout the state speaking at schools, fairs, festivals, beekeeping meetings, etc. She participates in media interviews and is always ready to promote the beekeeping and honey industries. The main focus of the Honey Queen program is education; feel free to invite her to give a presentation at your event. The Honey Queen also represents Pennsylvania each year at the American Honey Queen competition, held during the American Beekeeping Federation Convention.

2019 PA Honey Queen

Kaitlyn Stauffer was chosen as the 2019 Pennsylvania Honey Queen. Kaitlyn, 20, is the daughter of Jerry and Melissa Stauffer of Elizabethville, Pennsylvania. She is a sophomore at Juniata College studying Early Childhood and Special Education. Kati has a strong agricultural background, having served as vice president of her local FFA chapter, Gratz Fair Queen, Dauphin County Miss Agriculture USA, and Miss United States Agriculture State Alternate. Kati is an active member of Juniata Instructors of the Future, Big Brothers and Big Sisters, and her college's archaeology club. In her free time, Kati enjoys hunting, hiking, and reading, as well as volunteering with various nonprofit organizations such as Camp Kydnie and Habitat for Humanity.

Kaitlyn is new to the beekeeping world, and is very excited to use her position as an opportunity to learn more about honey bees and beekeeping, and to share that information with the general public. She has been interested in the PA Honey Queen Program for several years, but the timing was never quite right. This year, she is looking forward to traveling throughout the state as our representative.

PA Honey Queen Report
  by Kaitlyn Stauffer - 2019 PA Honey Queen

The end of March and the month of April definitely prepared me for what the summer is going to be like. Between working with adults and having more in-depth discussions to talking to children about pollination, I did it all! I finished up the month of March with two events.

Queen Kaitlyn at the Patient Family Dinner

First, I attended another Patient Family Dinner hosted by the Central Pennsylvania Kidney Foundation. Here, I was able to deliver a speech on the importance of honey for healthy living! I also created a gift basket full of honey and beeswax products to be raffled off during the event. Later in the week, my very good friend invited me to be a guest speaker at Blaine Elementary School. I was able to reach about 50 students and teachers when I read a book about how a little boy dreamed about becoming a beekeeper. The students loved the book and had a lot of wonderful questions afterwards.

Queen Kaitlyn at the Fifth Northumberland Fusiliers

On April 13th, I was able to travel to Pittsburgh to talk to the Fifth Northumberland Fusiliers, a Sherlock Holmes enthusiast group of 25 people, about the history of beekeeping and honey production. I was invited to sit and have lunch with the group and had a long and interesting conversation about how Sherlock Holmes retired and eventually became a beekeeper.

Queen Kaitlyn at the PSATS Conference

The very next day on April 14th, I traveled back east to Hershey, PA to the PSATS Conference. Here, township supervisors from across the state met with various groups and businesses to get more information on different products to help improve their townships and help the individuals in charge gain a better understanding of these organizations. This was an event that I benefited from greatly, because I didn’t know much about beekeeping regulations and how they might vary from township to township. Learning about the ordinances that are already in place was fascinating. One of the highlights was being able to meet more people who are with the Pennsylvania State Beekeepers Association.

Queen Kaitlyn attending event at Whitaker Science Center

Queen Kaitlyn at the Earth Day Planting Station

To celebrate both Earth Day and also Arbor Day, I attended an event at the Whitaker Science Center in Harrisburg. In addition to exploring the educational display materials at my booth, I also hosted a planting stations for visitors to plant their own flowers and herbs that are beneficial to honey bees.

My college finals are coming up in just a few weeks, and then I will have a lot more availability to attend promotional events. If you’d like to invite me to your next event, please contact Alyssa Fine at or (412) 266-2112 to schedule a visit.

Look forward to next month’s newsletter for upcoming fairs, school trips, and more!

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