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Each year a Honey Queen is selected to become the main promoter of Pennsylvania's beekeeping industry. The Honey Queen travels throughout the state speaking at schools, fairs, festivals, beekeeping meetings, etc. She participates in media interviews and is always ready to promote the beekeeping and honey industries. The main focus of the Honey Queen program is education; feel free to invite her to give a presentation at your event. The Honey Queen also represents Pennsylvania each year at the American Honey Queen competition, held during the American Beekeeping Federation Convention.

2018 PA Honey Queen and Princess Chosen

Hannah Albright (2018 PA Honey Queen) and Lydia Barr (2018 Honey Princess) with the 2017 Queen/Princess and PA Department of Agriculture Secretary, Russell C. Redding

The PA Honey Queen and Princess for 2018 were crowned at the PSBA Fall Conference. Hannah Albright was selected as Pennsylvania Honey Queen and Lydia Barr as Pennsylvania Honey Princess. Congratulations to both!

PA Honey Queen Report
  by Hannah Albright - 2018 PA Honey Queen

Big Butler fair milking contest

This month, I had a total of sixteen events all across the state! I attended five fairs where I set up my table with educational display materials, honey recipe brochures, and often honey sticks and a beeswax candle rolling craft. I had a great time at them all. I started the month off by going to the Big Butler Fair. It was here that I participated in a celebrity milking contest. Did you know that honey bees pollinate clover and alfalfa, major food crops for dairy cattle? Unfortunately, I came in last place with only two squirts of milk. I decided that I will just stick to beekeeping.

Jacktown fair parade car

At the Jacktown Fair, I was invited to join the parade, and rode in a honey bee yellow car from the 1930’s. It's been a few years since a Honey Queen has visited Greene County, the most southwestern county, so it was a great opportunity to reach out to the fair goers there at my booth and work toward my goal of visiting as many counties as possible.

During Agriculture At Its Best day at the Troy Fair, not only did I have my own giant tent for my display and craft, but I was also able to meet the Peterson Farm Brothers who were performing at the fair. You may recognize them from their parody farming music videos online. Hey, at the end of the day, "I'm farming and I grow it" applies to beekeepers, too! Later that day, I was able to give a radio interview, and was featured in a local newspaper article, as well.

Hannah's first bee beard

In addition to fairs, I also went to three beekeeping club picnics. At the PSBA Summer Picnic, I was thrilled to finally be able to do a bee beard alongside the American Honey Queen Kayla Fusselman. I had over 15,000 bees on my face and I didn’t get stung! Honey bees are so gentle. Thank you to the Beaver Valley Area Beekeepers Association and Burgh Bees for inviting me to attend your picnics, too! It was nice to socialize with beekeepers and chat about my travels so far.

Bee craft at Immanuel Preschool

Honey Tasting

My other events were mainly spent with different groups giving educational presentations. I had a great time with a preschool group, and after my presentation we made an adorable bee craft to take home. I also attended a local honey tasting event and a farmers market with my mentor Jim Fitzroy and Michelle Wright. We had a great time talking with customers about the benefits of local honey and knowing your beekeeper!

After a presentation with a 4-H group and a visit to a local retirement home, I did two cooking demos and made a delicious honey fruit roll up. I was able to make the groups understand that we wouldn’t be able to make many delicious foods if it weren't for the honey bees pollinating the fruit and other ingredients.

This year is just buzzing by! I am having such a great time. I have had the opportunity to reach so many people and educate them. At the same time, I have learned so much myself. I look forward to what the rest of the year holds!

Between my classes and promotional events, my fall schedule is filling up fast. If you would like to invite me to your upcoming event, please contact Alyssa Fine as soon as possible so we can find room on the calendar! She can be reached at or 412-266-2112.

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