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Eastern Apiculture Society

The Eastern Apicultural Society of North America, Inc. (EAS) is an international non-profit educational organization founded in 1955 for the promotion of bee culture, education of beekeepers, and excellence in bee research. EAS is the largest non-commercial beekeeping organization in the United States and one of the largest in the world. Every summer EAS conducts its Annual Conference consisting of lectures, workshops, vendor displays, short courses for beginning and advanced beekeepers, and annual business meeting in one of its 26 member states or provinces in the eastern U.S. and Canada.


MAAREC is a regional group focused on addressing the pest management crisis facing the beekeeping industry in the Mid-Atlantic Region. The focus of MAAREC research has been on the identification of alternatives to chemical controls and promotion of less reliance on chemical pesticides for mite control. The site also contains educational bulletins on beekeeping practices in the region.

National Honey Board

The National Honey Board (NHB), conducts research, advertising and promotion programs to help maintain and expand domestic and foreign markets for honey. The site also contains honey recipes, nutritional information and educational materials.

Beekeeping Organizations in Nearby States

Maryland State Beekeepers Association
Montgomery County Beekeepers Association of Maryland
New Jersey Beekeepers Association
Virginia State Beekeepers' Association
West Virginia Beekeepers Association
Southern Adirondack Beekeepers Association

Plant Sources of Pollen and Nectar for Honeybees

Northern American nectar sources for honey bees
Bees in the Garden
Bee-friendly plants


Häagen-Dazs - Help the Honey Bees
American Beekeeping Federation
Bee Informed Partnership
Kid's Guide to Honey

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