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Meet the 2018 Apiary Inspection Team

Kent Kaster

Kent has been an Apiary Inspector in the northwestern region of Pennsylvania for a number of years and has kept bees for about 20 years. He enjoys being able to help beekeepers, especially new ones, as they try to navigate the maze of information out there. He feels this job has also given him the opportunity to meet a lot of really nice people.

Paul Krepicz

Paul has a great deal of experience as an Apiary Inspector and has been keeping bees for 40+ years. He is also a Master Beekeeper. Paul enjoys meeting and working with new and experienced beekeepers and helping them with any beekeeping problems they may have.

Bonnie Hall

Bonnie has been keeping bees for approximately 20 years and served as an Apiary Inspector since 1999. She enjoys meeting all of the beekeepers in her region, answering their questions and helping them with beekeeping issues they may have.

Jim Blasko

Jim is a familiar face in the Bedford County area. He has been an Apiary Inspector for quite a few years and has been keeping bees for approximately 40 years. Jim states the best part of being an Apiary Inspector is helping beekeepers keep healthy bees. He enjoys learning new things and helping new beekeepers.

Nate Weber

Nate is returning for his sixth year as an Apiary Inspector. He has become a beekeeper and is enjoying working his own colonies. Nate is also enjoying his Apiary Inspector job, meeting with beginner and experienced beekeepers, talking bees, and is happy to be doing his part to keep Pennsylvaniaís honey bees healthy and happy. He especially enjoys helping to educate people about honey bees.

Jeff Eckel

Jeff has been a beekeeper for approximately 10 years. He enjoys being an Apiary Inspector and helping beekeepers learn to manage healthy bees. Jeff enjoys meeting and working with beekeepers and answering their questions. He enjoys learning more about bees. He feels that being able to work outdoors is another great part of the job.

Sarah Way

Sarah is our newest Apiary Inspector! She has been keeping bees for 8 years and has worked for a commercial beekeeper. Sarah is excited to meet and work with the beekeepers in her region. We are pleased to have her join the apiary inspection team.

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